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Both Commercial and Residential Real Estate in Florida Are Looking Good in 2014

The South Florida commercial real estate showed strong signs of growth this last year. B There as an overall high amount of property sales, rising home values, lower foreclosure rates, and lower mortgage rates as well. This trend is expected to continue into 2014. Scientists from the Florida Association of Realtors predict a 10 increase in residential sales alone.

The report also stated that the housing inventory is decreasing, which is contributing to the rising home prices.B B Some economists estimate that home prices will rise by 5 percent in 2014.
And while interest are not at their records lows, they are still under 5% which is historically still very low.B Foreclosures rates dropped by 39 percent in 2013,B bringing the lowest level of foreclosures on the real estate market since the second quarter of 2006.

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Why the Design of Retail Properties Can Help Drive Sales

On a micro level, retail is all about using every available bit of space to merchandise the products for sale. While this task is incredibly important, the creation of an overall design to market the business as a whole is equally relevant. Here are a few tings to consider:

  • An Inviting Space b Getting foot traffic into the store is the ultimate goal. An attractive design when seen from outside the door is essential for starting the whole process of getting people inside the store.
  • Convenient Displays b All of your products should be within easy reach of any of your customers. While lowered displays mean some lost shelf space, the added visibility will also dissuade the actions of thieves.
  • Efficient Checkout b The last place you want to lose a sale is when your customers are waiting to pay. This area should be able to comfortably accommodate any crowd that you can envision.

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Is an Open Floor Plan Causing Stress in Your Office?

When you think of a corporate atmosphere, the thought of an open office would seem to encourage communication and foster productivity, right? In many cases, open office floor plans are actually counterproductive. Surprisingly, it makes a lot of sense. Here are a few reasons that cubicles in the office may not be so bad after all.

Lack of Privacy

Privacy is a big motivating factor for productive thought and creative vision. Open offices are a detriment to those beneficial necessities.

Feeds Absenteeism

Wide, open spaces can also be big pools for sickness. Itbs easier to catch a cold when there are no physical boundaries between work stations.

Easy Disruptions

When the option to walk into a room and shut the door doesnbt exist, workers are forced to deal with one anotherbs disruptions. That limits the ability to concentrate, which has a direct impact on getting work done.

Ageless Issues

Younger workers may tolerate open offices more than older workers, but the aforementioned reasons tend to catch up with everyone, eventually.

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Create a Work Environment That Encourages Movement

A place of business can often feel stagnant to employees, even if they have enough work to keep them busy for a 12-hour day. However, as an employer, there are things you can do to boost the movement of employees and promote health in the workplace. This movement can also help boost productivity and give you happier employees, which benefits everybody. Use these tips to get your employees moving:.

  • Create a morning exercise plan. It might sound crazy, but gathering some employees in the morning for a few minutes of calisthenics can promote bonding and get employees in shape. It can also wipe away the morning cobwebs so everybody can get down to business.
  • Put fun items in the break room and around the office. A good example could include simple things like a set of free weights or a hula hoop. Again, it might sound strange to promote weightlifting at work, but a brief burst of exercise can benefit everybody.
  • Give gym memberships as a holiday bonus. No, employees canbt use them on work hours, but itbs a great way to encourage health and happiness in your staff.

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Looking Back on 2013 in South Florida Commercial Real Estate

2013 was a year of slow but steady growth, particularly in the commercial real estate sector. Activity remained centered around the Beaches and Southside, but there were also some projects in Downtown Jacksonville as well, creating a promising start to the new year.

Some highlights of the year in commercial real estate include:

  • Office space saw a continued steady growth. B While the growth of the office leasing market may be slow in South Florida, its steady growth is a positive sign for sustainable continued growth- no danger of a burst bubble.
  • One of the greatest comeback stories of 2013 was retail development. After years of stagnation, businesses are finally making use of commercial real estate space.
  • Retail and community developments were planned, so we can expect more buildings to be built and leased in 2014.

Morris Southeast has years of experience matching businesses to real estate. Contact us to see how we can help meet your South Florida commercial real estate needs.

Resolve to Improve Your Company Culture in 2014

The old culture of many corporate and large workplaces was simple b limit social interaction and do things to help employees get down to business. In many cases, that meant dreary offices and cubicles to help boost bfocus.b However, the corporate culture has changed, and if your business is falling behind, it might be time to alter yours. Use these tips from Morris Southeast to change your company culture in 2014.

  • Bring some nature into your office. Most offices feel more like basements that top floor spaces. To change that and actually boost productivity and happiness in the workplace, consider letting in some sunshine or finding a space that allows a real connection with the outside world.
  • Tear down those cubicles. In many cases, an open office with sightlines can actually great improve office productivity b not distract from it like previously thought. Think of your office like a city or park.
  • Encourage creativity inside the workplace. Sure, accountants canbt be creative with the books, but creating a culture where employees have a say in improving the company will work for you and make them happier.

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