If you are considering delving into the world of real estate investment, you’re not limited to the world of residential real estate. B Before deciding, it’s a good idea to learn the differences between investing in commercial and residential real estate.

  • Valuations are Different b Commercial real estate is quite easily valued on its earnings power. Residential real estate must take into account a whole host of subjective criteria as well sych as location and amenities.
  • Cash Flows are Usually Better b Commercial properties are always purchased as an investment. As such, cash flow is a significant consideration, unlike in residential properties where other factors predominate.
  • Commercial Offers More Diversification b Most residential properties are single-family b if you lose that tenant you have a significant problem. Commercial properties B do not suffer from that disadvantage.

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Employees are used to seeing rows of cubicles in the office, but this isn’t necessarily the way things have to be. That trend may be changing as new research has suggested that formatting the space of an office more like a college is a great way to retain employees, particularly millennials.

If you are seeking young employees for your business, you should know that many young adults leave jobs because they do not feel the company is a good “cultural” fit. Employers want their employees to work as efficiently as possible, but cubicles in the office are just not appealing. It can also cost $15,000-$25,000 dollars to replace a millennial worker.

Companies are now experimenting with different office designs. Many of these offices have elements that are college inspired, such as ping pong tables and other familiar elements of a college campus mess hall.

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Office space is a major expense for every business under the sun. However, itbs also an integral part of a productive work environment. When looking for your first office space or when moving, make sure you plan for whatbs coming in the future, not just for what you need right now.

Donbt Go Too Small

The most obvious thing you need to do when choosing office is space is something many businesses actually forget to do b choose a space that will allow you to grow and add new employees. Along with adding new employees, youbre also going to need more common areas and storage space, so make sure you donbt forget about those when doing your real estate shopping.

Choose Your Building Wisely

Expanding is something every business wants to do, but if the building youbre in doesnbt have extra space, youbll have to pack up and move. If youbre planning to expand in the near future, make sure therebs an additional floor or group of suites that could open up in the near future.

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Commercial real estate can be an incredible way to build a nest-egg for retirement or amass a huge fortune you can use to leverage all sorts of business endeavors in your life. However, before you become the next real estate mogul, there are some basic investing terms youbll need to know.

  • Cash flow: Everybody thinks they know what this means, but really, it means your net operating income minus your debt service. Figure your monthly cash flow by dividing your annual number by 12.
  • Debt service: Your debt service is calculated by multiplying your monthly mortgage rate by 12.
  • Vacancy rate: If youbre investing in multi-unit commercial buildings this a term youbll likely need to get familiar with. Your vacancy rate is the number of vacancies divided by the number of units you have in a building. You can determine your vacancy rate in all buildings if you have more than one by totaling the number of vacancies and dividing it by the total number of units available to rent.

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Your business’ productivity depends on the way you organize the office space, establish work areas, and take into consideration factors that hamper employees’ time at work. Individual work spaces are also important considerations when searching for ways to boost your business’ productivity. There are effective ways your employees can organize their spaces for maximum productivity, including:

  • Considering comfort.B Cubicles in the office are excellent ways to delineate space between employees and provide some privacy. But comfort may be at a minimum. Ergonomic chairs, footrests, and wrist pads all boost comfort for employees working in cubicles.
  • Eliminating clutter.B Cutting the clutter in an employee’s work space is one of the easiest ways to affect productivity. Employees should file archived documents, purge unnecessary paperwork, and choose smart storage solutions.
  • Investing in storage solutions.B Once an employee has cut the clutter effective storage is essential. Make sure your employees have a filing system, desktop organizers, and a whiteboard to record to do lists.

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A start-up business can be very exciting. Everywhere you, turn there are new challenges, important developments, and big decisions to make. The decision of determining what type of office space you need is an important consideration for your start-up. You want to ensure that you have the space you need know as well as room to grow your business.

Searching for office space for a start-up can require a difficult balance of meeting your current needs while planning for projected growth. It is important to look at available properties carefully. Does it offer flexible solutions to fit your start-up now and have space to grow? You should also consider the technology needs of your start-up. Does the property have the necessary infrastructure and capability of technological growth? You may want to search for a shared office facility that offers access to on site personnel. Working within a shared office facility allows you the time to focus on your start-up now and grow your business.

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