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Commercial Real Estate Still a Tenant's Market in South Florida

In the midst of an improving South Florida business climate the reality remains that landlords continue to offer concessions when negotiating real estate transactions. The state of the local business economy indicates that tenants wield more power and often fare better in negotiations. New or expanded leases for 2013 only include 88,000 square feet in an area that boasts 29.6 million square feet of commercial office space.

This doesn’t mean, however, that there isn’t good news for building owners. A slight uptick in average lease rates, from $17.90 per square foot to $18.18, is the largest gain since the beginning of the recession. When negotiating new lease agreements it is important for both tenants and building owners to understand how market conditions will likely change over the life of the lease. Spend some time researching economic projections before signing the lease to ensure beneficial terms throughout the duration of the lease.

Contact the professionals with Morris Southeast Group to learn more about the South Florida commercial real estate market. If you’re in need of new office space we can help you found the ideal location for your business.

Even With Greater Telecommuting, the Office is Here to Stay

The advent of the digital age has given rise to a boom in telecommuting. More professionals are working remotely and using their computers and mobile devices to stay in touch with coworkers and supervisors. Even though telecommuting is increasing, there is still a definite need for efficient and productive office spaces.

The office is great for:

  • Collaboration.B It is possible to collaborate with others remotely, but being in the same space allows your work to truly benefit one another. The office allows professionals to work independently and thenB come together in collaboration at a moment’s notice.
  • Innovation.B Innovation depends on interaction. The office can boost innovation and help lead your business in new directions that disconnected telecommunication may have hampered.
  • Connection.B An office allows employees to be connected to one another and to the business itself. It also provides the impact of a team setting and the interconnected roles of employees.

If you are in search of office space for your business contact the professionals at Morris Southeast to learn more about the South Florida commercial real estate market and properties that are currently available.

South Florida Business is Booming!

The past year has been tremendous for the South Florida business economy. During this time there has been an increase of 7,230 local businesses, far outpacing the commercial growth experienced across the country. This surge in the South Florida business economy is helping to erase the losses experienced during the Great Recession of the last decade.

This growth has a positive impact on the commercial real estate market. Demand is up and the market has stabilized during the growth of local businesses. This is an excellent opportunity to invest in commercial real estate, and South Florida boasts a variety of properties to fit every business’s needs. The professionals at Morris Group Southeast have a wealth of experience helping clients find the perfect spaces for their growing businesses. We understand the changes theB South Florida commercial real estate market has undergone and the growth it is currently experiencing.

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Does Your Current Office Have These Productivity Hampers?

One of your primary goals for your business is certainly maintaining a high level of productivity. Even with the most efficient and hardworking employees your productivity may be suffering simply because of your office’s design. Take a look at your office space and search for elements that may be hampering your business’ productivity, such as:

  • Lighting -B Having enough light is vital, but the type of lighting is even more important. Increasing natural light and adding compact florescent bulbs is ideal.
  • Temperature -B A constant and comfortable temperature boosts productivity and can help reduce energy costs. Consider installing programmable thermostats that adjust the temperature as needed.
  • Space – Do your employees have enough space to work individually and in teams? If you feel as if your office is crammed you may need to rearrange furnishings and fixtures or upgrade to an office with more space.

Contact us today at Morris Southeast Group to learn more about the South Florida commercial real estate market and the properties currently available that may be perfect for your business.

Make Your Office More Creative, Productive, and Fun

Work is work, but it doesn’t have to be boring and tedious. Current workspace trends find employers searching for ways to make the office more productive, creative, and fun. There are some simple changes that can make a huge difference, including:

  • Adding touches of home Consider adding touches that feel like home such as plush rugs, a coffee bar, or comfortable seating. These elements will help employees feel comfortable and inspired to work.
  • Planning for downtime It’s no secret that a productive use of their downtime can make employees even more creative. Look for ways to integrate downtime accommodations into work spaces such as fully-stocked breakrooms or game tables.
  • Opening up seating The surge in coworking has inspired businesses to open up seating and allow for more communal work spaces. Employees stay more connected with one another and the open spaces are often a boost to both productivity and creativity.

Contact us at Morris Southeast Group to learn more about finding the perfect office space for your South Florida business.

Forbes Gives Examples of "Cool Offices" to Inspire Your Workspace

Forbes Magazine, a preeminent business publication, recently featured a list of unique offices that are sure to inspire your workspace. Offices are no longer just about function! You should approach your business’ office space as a place to reflect current style trends, the business’ mission, and your employee’s hard work and creativity.

All of the featured offices are amazing but our favorites include:

  • BrandBase:B Comprised almost exclusively of recycled wood pallets, BrandBase’s office space takes creativity to a new level. Employees work at long tables in shared spaces to promote collaboration and creativity.
  • Upperkut:B Large scale graphics and bold colors help the employees at this young communications firm showcase their creativity and unique style. The offices are in the basement of a fully functioning church, and the design works well without altering any architectural elements.
  • Oktavilla Graphic Design:B Located in an old textile manufacturing plant, this graphic design firm has found creative ways to honor the past and look toward the future. An acoustic wall of bundled magazines is a creative way to block sound in communal spaces.

If you’re ready to move into new offices,B contact the professionals with the Morris Southeast Group for help finding the perfect space.


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