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Tips to Keep Your Office Move Within Budget

If you’re considering moving your offices, the entire process may seem overwhelming and quite expensive. Smart planning and efficient execution can, however, make the move a breeze.

  • Begin your planning early:B Start planning the move 9 to 18 months before it actually happens. This allows you time to search for the ideal space at the best price and gives you time to ensure that the move benefits your business.
  • Ask for help:B A transition consultant, a relocation company, and professional packers are often essential components of an office move. Hiring help ensures your employees maintain productivity and you are able to focus on the day to day operations of your business.
  • Stay organized:B Don’t move items you don’t need. B Instead, develop a detailed plan to keep the move on time and budget, and adapt your business plans and expectations during the move. An organized move is efficient and will save money by ensuring your employees are ready to get right back to work!

If you think it is time to move into new offices in the South Florida area, contact the professionals with the Morris Southeast Group. We can help you find the new space that your business needs.

Finding a Compromise Between Open Office Space and Quiet Work Zones

The idea of an open concept office has been on the rise in recent years. Cubicles are vanishing, dividers between task areas are being eliminated, and co-workers are operating with one another in larger spaces designed for multiple functions. This open space concept can help promote teamwork and collaboration.

But is the open space concept ideal for every office? Perhaps not. Traditional office spaces where each employee had a dedicated space ideal for serious work and confidential phone calls certainly had its own benefits. Are there simple ways to merge the two office space styles, promoting both collaboration and private space? Yes, with just a shift in perspective:

  • Collaboration zones are areas of an office dedicated to project work, collaboration, and professional connections with other employees.
  • Fun zones help make work more enjoyable. Office spaces dedicated to gaming, ping pong, or snack zones help to raise employee morale.
  • Quiet and private zones offer employees a space to focus, engage in confidential communications, and still be close to the action.

Morris Southeast Group is uniquely qualified to help you find the office space that your business needs. Contact one of our commercial real estate experts today to begin your search.

Commercial Real Estate Loans are on the Rise

This fall may be the perfect time to invest in the South Florida commercial real estate market. Recently-released data from the FDIC indicates that lending derived from South Florida banks exceeds national averages and that local profits are improving.

Florida banks earned $296 million in the second quarter of 2013 with one of the strongest areas for growth being commercial real estate. This indicates that the market, in general, is improving and that there is an increase in commercial real estate confidence. This is great news for South Florida! The real estate professionals with the Morris Southeast Group are enthusiastic about the commercial real estate prospects for the remainder of 2013 and beyond. We are committed to working with business owners to find and develop the ideal commercial space to meet their needs. Commercial property owners in South Florida also trust our insight, knowledge, and resources as we help clients choose the perfect property.

Contact us today to learn more about the current state of the South Florida commercial real estate market and the services we provide. We are committed to South Florida and the business owners that call the area home.

Why Your Business Should Help Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations in South Florida work tirelessly to make our community better. They devote their time, talents, and resources to a variety of worthy causes with the goal of serving others. Local businesses have discovered they can reap many benefits from supporting the work of local non-profits.

It starts with doing good. Many local business owners understand the role that their companies have in South Florida and how their resources can be put to good use for others. But working alongside charities can also have tangible business benefits. It provides business owners and associates the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and cross-promote events and business opportunities. It also raises your profile in the local community via advertising, on-site events, and participation by owners and associates. Sponsoring and participating in fundraising efforts for local non-profits can help create new relationships and generate sales, referrals, connections, and goodwill.

Morris Southeast is committed to helping South Florida business owners find the space they need. Contact us today if you are in need of commercial real estate services.

There's No Such Thing as a Quick Fix to Workplace Innovation

In an effort to boost creativity and productivity many business owners are looking to bupgradeb their office space, hoping a change will be just the ticket to boost their success. While itbs true that office design and layout can affect productivity, therebs no one, magic, quick fix to make it happen.

Open offices arenbt the answer
The current trend for open workspaces seems like a great way to promote cooperation and get creative juices flowing, but in reality the lack of privacy and noise can make it impossible for individuals to focus on important tasks. Constant interruptions can also lead to costly mistakes and misunderstandings.

Innovation from within, not a workspace
To create a truly innovative workforce, create a culture of innovation and risk taking. Allow employees the space and support to try new things and offer a workspace environment flexible enough to achieve this. Open meeting spaces and a mix of quieter, more personalized areas ensures that employees can work well no matter what their work style.

Contact Morris Southeast. Webll help you find your ideal workspace so your team can work their best.

Commercial Building Statistics Look Positive for 2013

If you stay up-to-date with real estate news in Florida, you know that the single family and multi-family housing market is coming back strong, but what about commercial real estate? Recent trends indicate a good outlook for commercial real estate throughout the U.S., and in Florida, in particular.

Before the market crash in 2008, commercial building construction generated about $81.4 billion dollars in revenue each year. This number dipped down to $41.8 billion in 2011, but is projected to increase to $55.9 billion dollars in 2013, an increase of 12 percent.

Examining the number of construction workers hired annually is an additional measure of market success. Currently, Florida ranks in the top five states for construction employment with just over 41,000 individuals working in construction. Other top states on this list include California, New York, Texas, and Illinois.

If you have considered purchasing South Florida commercial real estate, now is a great time to invest in property, since the market is on the rise. You can view our group property search on the website to find a building that meets your needs and contact us at Morris Trends when you are ready to secure the perfect commercial office for your business.


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