Investing in commercial real estate deals offers some significant benefits over the residential type but it is not quite as simple. Here are some basics to help you make smarter investments in your commercial real estate dealings:

  • Understand the Metrics b It is essential to understand such concepts as bnet operating income,b bcap rateb and bcash on cash returnb before entering into commercial real estate deals. It is the only way to properly value a property.
  • Have A Plan b With the above metrics in mind, you should be able to determine your maximum purchase price, your operating parameters and how your exit strategy will work b all important aspects of your overall plan.
  • Motivated Sellers b One of the most powerful ways to ensure a good deal is to find a distressed or bmotivatedb seller. While hard to find, they almost always offer the best chance for a lucrative deal.

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Commercial office space can be classified into a number of different classes depending on their use. It is important to understand the differences and what they mean to you as a renter. Here is a quick rundown of the various building classes:

  • Class bAb Space b These are premier buildings in the best locations. They provide the finest amenities but also charge the highest per square foot rents.
  • Class bBb Space b In demand by a wide range of tenants, these buildings still offer good access to other business locations in a very professional setting.
  • Class bCb Space b More suitable for industrial or non-client oriented activities, these spaces are quite affordable and provide adequate services for their price.

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For the first time in over two years, the commercial real estate market has seen a significant uptick in prices. In fact, the most recent results show a quarterly increase of almost 6 percent, which is better than any other quarter since June of 2011.

The results are compiled and reported by the Costar Group in the CoStar Commercial Repeat-Sale Indices (CCRSI). These metrics areB widely considered the most exhaustive and complete statistics on the commercial real estate market in the United States. This quarterbs results included numbers from almost 1200 commercial real estate transactions.

Of particular note are the results in the South Composite Index that includes the Tampa, Orlando and South Florida markets. Though lagging somewhat in investor interest, these markets still produced pricing gains of over 14 percent. It will be interesting to see the results when investors finally realize that the South Florida commercial real estate market is truly heating up.

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Everyone from architects to team managers and human resource professionals has an interest in office design. The office design is an integral part of office culture. Though many praise the trendy open offices as a solution to common work problems, in actuality, the open office trend is plagued with problems.

Open office plans became popular under the assumption that placing people in close proximity without doors and walls in between them would lead to collaboration. This is not always the case.B Unfortunately, open office space does not recognize multiple work styles and situations, a time to collaborate, and a time when one must focus and work alone. Successful office spaces have solutions for various work situations.

Another problem is that an open floor plan enhances noise as acoustic levels are magnified throughout the room. You should focus on developing spaces for individuals who need to collaborate and others for those who prefer to work alone. If someone has to go to another floor or across the building to find privacy, it’s likely they won’t and the productivity and work qualityB may suffer.

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While South Florida was hit particularly hard by the bGreat Recession,b B it is firmly on the rebound. In fact, the evidence for a recovering real estate market in South Florida is becoming ever clearer.

In particular, it is no longer completely a renterbs market. While the last few years had seen some remarkable deals on office leases, pent-up demand is finally moving rates in a more landlord-friendly way.

Still, there are significant deals to be had on office space. In particular,B leases can be negotiated that include free rent, build-out costs and other concessions for the renter and the right rent, escalations and rental term for the landlord.

Though rental rates are rising somewhat, they are nowhere near their peak. In addition to older spaces coming back on the market, there are also several new, upscale projects coming online that are helping to moderate the per square foot increases.

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The move into new offices can be a daunting, time-consuming and aggravating task if you do not take time to properly plan. Here are five things to consider before actually building out your new office space:

  • Square Footage b The base recommendation is an average of 250 square feet per employee. This can vary depending on whether you use an open or closed layout, and how much common room you need.
  • Reception Area b First impressions do count and your reception area should be warm and inviting as well as functional.
  • Flex Space b Making common spaces do double duty is an excellent way to maximize the use of your common areas.
  • DC)cor b Your choice of office furniture and fixtures will naturally reflect upon your company. Consider whether hardwoods versus glass and steel will better communicate your company brand.
  • Go Green b Being environmentally sensitive gains greater traction every dayb& and it will save you money too!

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