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Your Current Office Arrangement Could Be Harming Productivity

If you are planning to move into new offices soon, then donbt just throw up rows upon rows of cubicles and call it a day. The way you arrange the office is integral to the happiness and efficiency as well as the creativity of your employees. One way that you can do this is by creating a more shared office space.

According to numerous studies, employees often complain about the way an office is arranged. If there is no shared social area available in the office, then it makes it harder for employees to collaborate. You want your employees bouncing ideas off one another in order to come up with better and quicker solutions, which means you want them to be able to speak with one another.

Cubicles often discourage such interaction. Not to mention that cutting off your employees from social interaction with one another is a good way to make them feel isolated, which can lead to increased stress levels. Create a collaborative culture by considering how you can arrange your office space in a more shared way.

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How Telecommuting Can Work For You

Many companies frown upon giving their employees a chance to telecommute, thinking that itbs better to have all of their employees work out of an office space. Itbs much easier to keep track of employees this way, after all. However, a number of studies relating to the matter have found that there are actually a number of benefits to telecommuting that you may want to consider.

First of all, employees that telecommute tend to appear happier, according to many business decision makers. In many cases, upper management has found telecommuting to not only be mutually beneficial but also that it has made employees more productive. One of the reasons for this is that employees who telecommute tend to be much less stressed out, partially due to the fact that they are working at home, an area that is much more comfortable to them. This leads to them taking less sick days as well, thereby increasing their productivity for the company. Because of the mutual benefits involved in telecommuting, itbs becoming more and more popular among companies over the last few years.

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Inspiration for an Office That Employees Won't Want to Leave

In todaybs offices, employees are often expected to put in long hours to meet deadlines. However, the quality of your teams’ work is likely to suffer if they feel like theybre trapped in an office environment they donbt enjoy. To combat this relatively common problem, try turning your office into a stylish haven that employees wonbt want to leave even when the workday is over.

Consider Relaxation

Employees that work hard for you need time to rest and relax, even if itbs just a few minutes. Instead of making employees go home to do that, try adding some outdoor seating or a comfortable lounge or cafC). That way employees can take a break and go back to work more productive than ever, even when their hours are long.

Lighting Matters

Lighting is so important in an office. For the happiness of your employees, make sure therebs a good mix of natural light, ambient light from overheads and task lights. Employees will be more focused and work harder.

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Tips To Help Your New Office Space Go Green

More and more office spacesB have dedicated themselves to going green over the last few years for a number of reasons; first of all, companies end up saving money on the energy that they save over the long term. Secondly, itbs been proven that going green helps to reduce the risk of sick building syndrome, which improves the efficiency of employees. The following are a few ways that you can make your office space go green.

  • Provide Tips:B Send out a newsletter detailing some tips on how your employees can save energy around the building, such as limiting water use and turning off lights when they arenbt needed.
  • Low-Flow:B Upgrade the fixtures in your bathroom area with low flow models to help cut down on water usage.
  • Install Sensors:B Use occupancy sensors so that your office lights will go out if no one is around.
  • Use CFLs:B Replace your old incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights: these last longer and use less energy.
  • Improve Air Quality:B Upgrade your HVAC system to more efficient models that will improve the air quality while using less energy.

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Work it Out: Benefits of Incorporating Fitness to Your Business

Many employees donbt have the time to get in a morning workout and are often too tired in the evening to do anything but wind down. Because of this, you may want to consider offering your employees a way to work out at your business.

There are a number of reasons why you should strongly consider having an in house fitness center available to employees. First of all, it will allow them to stay in better shape. How does this benefit you?

Employees who are in better health wonbt take as many sick days, for one. Secondly, exercise has been proven to reduce stress levels, making it the perfect way for your employees to maintain their mental health while working. Regular exercise also helps employees gain more energy throughout the day, making them less prone to becoming sleepy on the job.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to giving your employees a chance to work out by providing a company fitness center. Remember to consider safety issues when allowing employees to use the gym.

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Why Your Employees Can't Focus

It should not surprise office managers that employee concentration in areas where there are cubicles in the office is difficult. Whether you are the owner, CEO, President, Office Manager, or Supervisor you want peak performance from your employees. But how are you going to get that from employees who have to work in a noisy, distraction filled environment with totally exposed workstations all lined up in a row?

Of course you are not and that is a growing problem in offices across the board. With downsizing and multiple regions squished into what were once vast palaces of employment, office managers and those in charge really need to start thinking outside of the box.

The trends seem to be that when the real work needs to be done, seclusion and privacy work better than an open-air setting. We’re not talking about lavish suites, mind you. But B meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, or alternative work areas can really make all the difference.

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