Before looking to move into new offices, you should consider what you want your office set up to accomplish. If your employees spend a lot of time collaborating with one another, then you may want to avoid using cubicles in favor of team-oriented work spaces.

More and more companies are creating an office layout that encourages interaction between their employees. They are doing this by eliminating cubicles, private work stations and even traditional offices in order to create larger, shared spaces.

Additionally, companies are increasing the number of meeting rooms in their office space and some have even added amenities such as cafC)s, all in an attempt to foster collaboration between their employees. This also allows companies to make better use of less space. Creating shared office space helps lower the amount of dedicated space the individual employee needs. One of the main reasons for the ability to eliminate the individual working area is that employees are no longer tethered to a workstation by cables. Everything is wireless, which frees up where and how they can work.

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The massive, sterile, cubicle-filled, fluorescent-lit office building we’ve all seen in movies is more a Hollywood fabrication than a reality in today’s business world. Whether you’re upgrading or considering a move into new offices, today’s work-spaces are a lot less depressing. Here are some of the new trends you should consider incorporating into your own office to make yourself and your employees more comfortable.

More Light

With more and more cities offering tax incentives for reducing energy costs, and withB studies showing a link between daylight and greater productivity, today’s offices have larger windows that let in more natural light.

More Open Spaces

Another big trend in office design is more open space. Today’s workers feel less crowded because they’re working in collaborative areas, not in isolated cubicles. Even call center workers and others who need some sound isolation are more likely to find themselves at long, segmented tables with one or two walls around workstations rather than four.

Exceptions to the Rule

As with all business trends, there are exceptions. For leadership and managerial positions, and in high-education positions such as the legal field, private offices are still the norm for employee work spaces, though the public areas are becoming less formal.

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Unlike company finances or marketing strategies, office culture isnbt a tangible or quantifiable part of running a company. However, it can be just as important. A positive office culture will help maintain the happiness of employees, thereby encouraging production. The following are a few tips to create a positive culture in your office space.

First of all, the manager should show the same passion and desire that you want to see out of your employees. The employer should lead by example, after all. Not to mention that a heavy dose of passion and desire is incredibly infectious and will hopefully spread its way through your office space. You should make sure that all of your employees know and are told the importance of their role in the success of the company. This will make their work seem much more important, and will make them feel like they are succeeding when the company is succeeding. Make sure your leaders also have a clear plan for the direction of the company. Focus and discipline will be reflected in the work of your employees.

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As the economy continues to stabilize, there has been continued growth in many real estate markets. It is anticipated that the South Florida commercial real estate market will continue to show increased improvement over the next several quarters.

The office vacancy rate has fallen across the area. Firms have begun to lease more space as they expand or relocate their businesses, and the vacancy rate is expected to continue to fall. The reduced vacancy rates combined with the continued slowdown in development in the area results in the expectation that rent for office space will only continue to increase.

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One trend becoming more and more prevalent in business these days is allowing employees to work from home, sometimes exclusively. B While having employees work from home offers potential advantages, including cost savings and a wider pool of potential employees, the drawbacks can outweigh the advantages.

  • In an hourly or salaried position, a lack of effective productivity assessment can result in lost productivity, quickly exceeding potential savings.
  • You miss the opportunities for innovation that present themselves through spontaneous conversations between employees, and innovation is key to helping your business thrive.
  • Though the internet and conference calls allow for easier remote communication, it is far more difficult to have discussions and creative thinking sessions when you’re not in the same room. B Employees are often more content to remain quiet over the phone, and they may use it as an opportunity to multitask so their minds are not fully engaged with the topic of the meeting.

Working from home may be considered a progressive form of business and certainly offers benefits for your employees, but that does not mean you should forgo an office space. B Consider offering one or two days for your employees to work from home when they wish, but requiring time spent in the office for socialization and in-person meetings to help promote innovative thinking.

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Earth day is coming up and it may be time to celebrate by moving in a greener direction with your office space. In addition to these great ideas from 2008, we’ve come up with some suggestions that could help motivate your team to pick greener options in celebration of this year’s Earth Day.

  • Plan an office wide carpool day. Help your team arrange the carpool, and with any luck it’ll stick.
  • Consider a water cooler over bottled water.
  • Put recycling bins in more accessible locations. More people are likely to recycle if it’s easier.
  • Offer incentives to employees who are willing to bike or carpool to the office.
  • Try to arrange an entire day to go paper free for the whole office.
  • Make sure your team knows how they can help make the office greener.
  • Recycle any of your old equipment or donate it to a local school that may need it.
  • Make sure your employees turn off their computers at the end of the day or during periods of disuse, like lunch.
  • Use Earth Day to create a committee of people interested in making your office space greener.

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