You might have noticed that more and more people are beginning to sign in using the Internet rather than heading into the business’s premises each morning. After all, telecommuting enables businesses to save on the costs of maintaining office space, while their personnel can relax in the comfort of their own homes. However, telecommuting also has its downsides.

According to the Memphis Business Journal, excessive telecommuting is problematic because it reduces the amount face-to-face communication. Although telecommuters can still communicate face-to-face using Skype and similar tools, such tools are much less effective than the simple measure of meeting in person.

Communicating face-to-face is important because it is an easier medium to get important information across. It’s harder to let your attention wander in a face-to-face meeting than it is online, and you can better see and more accurately interpret body language than you can with video services like Skype. B Furthermore, it helps to build a sense of cohesiveness and loyalty in the team, and helps to prevent unnecessary conflict caused by miscommunication.

Of course, finding affordable but still usable office space can be difficult. Your best chances of securing the right accommodations lies in real estate services such as those provided through Morris Southeast Group. B We’d be happy to help you find the office space to suit your business.

When you move into new offices, it is important to think about how you can utilize the new space to maximum effectiveness. Incorporating the following creative ideas into your design will help motivate your employees, allow team members to work together on projects, and improve overall productivity.

  • Create a variety of work areas. It is uncomfortable, and unnatural, to sit behind a desk all day. Create a combination of work areas for both sitting and standing, and comfortable spots for group meetings.
  • Exemplify your brand image. Use your office design to express your work culture and give employees a sense of belonging to part of the bigger picture.
  • Include relaxation zones. Add some social spaces for non-work related activities to encourage communication between staff members.
  • Get feedback from employees. Let workers design or decorate their work spaces to any feasible extent.

Move into new offices that allow you to incorporate all of the above and any of your own creative ideas. At Morris Southeast, we can help you find a new office space to suit all your needs.

In a typical workday, employees communicate with one another for business reasons. It’s necessary for employees to bond with one another on a social level to reinforce strong professional relationships. This is why it’s important for an office to have an inviting break room where people can go to relax.

The ideal break room should have a pleasant social ambiance in which employees can build rapport with one another. Couches are great additions because people can sit down and drink coffee while chatting.

You can also add a lounge with a television, a video player, and a sound system. Schedule a regular film screening so that employees can watch movies for free. This added perk makes work life more fun than usual and keeps your employees excited about coming into the office every day.

For something more dynamic, add games such as table tennis, table football, etc. Employees can play friendly matches against each other during lunch break. It’s an effective way to release work-related stress in the middle of the day.

The next time you move into new offices, let Morris Southeast Group help you find the perfect location with a great break room space. Your employees will love you for it!

An office space can enhance or detract from productivity in many ways. For this reason, you should choose the space carefully. Here are three features to pay attention to when searching for a new office in Southeast Florida.

Sufficient Space

A cramped working area is distracting and uncomfortable. The space should be large enough to accommodate all employees and equipment without workers feeling claustrophobic. This is very important to consider because while other building features may be changed, you likely wonbt be able to add extra square footage.

Best Lighting

Good lighting in an office boosts energy levels, mood and productivity. Note natural lighting from windows and the location and type of light fixtures. You can add task lighting, but it is important to account for existing overhead lights.

Sound Control

A noisy office environment can be very distracting. If the office is near a busy street, poor soundproofing means constant traffic sounds will interrupt your peace. If interior walls offer little in the way of soundproofing, every noise will add to the cacophony.

When you search for a new office, you donbt have to do it alone. Let Morris Southeast help you find the perfect office space to fit your needs.

Searching for a new office space for your business is the perfect time to think about adding a few luxuries to the workplace to make it a more pleasant environment for you and your staff. If you want to increase employee productivity and happiness, consider implementing some of the following office luxuries:

  • A massage chair and therapist: As a great stress reliever, provide chair massages to your staff daily or just at special events.
  • An on-site doctor: Services such as immunizations and physical examinations can all be covered by employees’ insurance at no additional cost, and having a doctor on-site can prevent the need for employees to take leave or long lunch breaks to visit the doctor.
  • On-site childcare: Make it easy on parents and prevent late arrivals to work by having a daycare facility as a part of your office. B Parents will no longer arrive late and frazzled from trying to get their children to the day care and they won’t have to leave before the workday ends to pick them up.
  • Locally sourced, organic meals: Not only will your staff appreciate the high-quality food, you will be supporting your local organic community.
  • Healthy living installations: Choices include gyms, indoor tennis or basketball courts, ping-pong tables, or other sports equipment.
  • Laundry rooms: Keeping up with the pressures of home life can be trying when working full time. Provide your workers with a laundry room or drying cleaning service.

At Morris Southeast, we can help you to find an office with the space to include any of the above luxuries and to suit any other needs you may have.

So much planning goes into starting a new business, and choosing furniture might seem unimportant. B However, once you’veB chosen your ideal office location, you need to do more than sign the lease to ensure aB productive business. How you furnish your corporate offices will affect the way your employees work and how others perceive your company.

When choosing furniture for the workplace, it is important to take a fewB key pointsB into consideration.

  • Consider how much space you have and how to best utilize it effectively.
  • Choose material by considering how much weight the furniture will need to bear.
  • Think about purpose. If you need to store many papers, a cabinet may be a better option than a desk. Similarly, if you will be working entirely on a computer, you may wish to choose a smaller work space.
  • Office furniture can vary hugely in price from cheap pieces to luxury items. Consider how much you are willing to spend as you seek out your furniture.
  • The furniture you choose must suit its environment, and should be modern and aesthetically pleasing.

What do you think is the most important element to consider for your office furniture? B Share your thoughts with us in the comments, and be sure to contactB Morris Southeast GroupB for your South Florida commercial real estate needs.

There are challenges that every business is faced with, one being looking for the perfect office space. The right office space design can be a major force behind the growth of a business. Although everyone wants that coveted corner office with a view, is it really that great, and will it help your business grow?

Being able to offer your employees a corner office is rewarding for their dedication, giving them something to work hard for. Employees that reach this level at work benefit from quiet, private space and enticing views from sunny windows.

However, keeping employees in close quarters and in an open layout can encourage teamwork and conversation. Corner offices can separate employees from each other, where they lose out on sharing great ideas.

Whether you’re looking for a space with corner offices or an office space designed for collaboration, our commercial real estate experts can find you an office space that meets your needs.

If you’re a commercial real estate investor or a business owner looking for an office in South Florida, let the experts atB Morris SoutheastB find your new business location. Browse our blog for more ideas on choosing the right building, like tips on accounting for growth when choosing an office space.


Investing in real estate is always considered more stable than any other form of investment. This is because people always have a great need for shelter. Businesses, on the other hand, require space for their premises irrespective of the nature of operations.

The year 2012 saw significant growth in commercial real estate lending in all industries, after the market went into recovery mode in 2011. For instance, dollar volume of loans to hotels increased by 331 percent, according to National Real Estate Investor. Lending for office properties, multifamily properties, industrial properties, and retail properties increased, as well.

These figures are expected to change in 2013. The mortgage originations are expected to increase by 11 percent for multifamily properties. These growth forecasts are attributed to the growing confidence of businesses, the need to expand operations and low rental fees. The demand is, however, increasing the need to invest now.

South Florida commercial real estate expertsB Morris Southeast GroupB has a huge list of properties to lease for investors. Browse our properties online, and turn to our blog forB comprehensive news on current real estate trends to ensure you make informed decisions.

With deadlines, heavy workloads and other office pressures, the workplace can become uncomfortable and tense for employees. Artwork can not only make your office walls more attractive (for both employees and visiting clients) but can also create a relaxed and creative environment that helps employees be more productive.

The new office space is increasingly becoming more personalized with a residential feel, and many offices consider art more important to their work environment than ever before, according to studies. On top of the positive psychological effects on employees, well chosen art can also help reiterate your brand.

So as you make improvements to your office, consider using art to lift everyone’s mood and relieve the tension. Between enhancing productivity and making your office more eye-pleasing, it’s a win for everyone.

If you’re looking for commercial office space in South Florida, contact Morris Southeast Group today for more information. Keep reading our blog for more tips on finding and creating an ideal office, like how to make your workplace greener in 2013.

Searching for the perfect South Florida commercial real estate location is not an easy task. Once you find a location, how do you make sure the space works for your business? Here are three vital tips for a well-designed, enjoyable workplace.

  • Start Planning with a Floor Plan: Any reputable South FloridaB commercialB real estate broker will be able to provide you with a floor plan of your new space. Use this to block out specific work areas, including spaces that are the most important for your business. When you browse properties from Morris Southeast Group, you can find some basic floorplans, as well as square footage, listed with each property.
  • Consider Lighting and Sound: Lighting and sound are important aspects of theB ambianceB of your new office space. Having appropriate lighting can help your employees do their jobs better. Sound distribution can also be important, particularly considering background noise for customer service phone calls or client meetings.
  • Include Everyone in Decisions: Include all business partners in the decision making process. This will ensure that all partners feel true ownership in the outward representation of the business, and will eliminate the necessity to complete tasks twice.

Making the move to a new South Florida commercialB real estate location can be a stressful and exciting change. If you haven’t yet found the perfect location for your business, let Morris Southeast Group help you find a space to meet your business needs, and browse our blog for more ideas on creating a productive work environment.

The South Florida commercial real estate landscape is looking sunny once again, as it is throughout the United States, as well.

Forbes recently published an article outlining a Jones Lang Lasalle report that had a positive outlook for commercial real estate in general, including office, retail and industrial properties. Construction has continued to have a fairly slow recovery but is expected to improve as the rest of the commercial real estate market continues to improve and vacancies decrease.

Prospective tenants during the economic recession had substantial power in lease negotiations with landlords because of the high amount of spaces available, but that power is beginning to fade as tenants are finding less options when searching for properties to lease (before this happens, tenants should take advantage of the market now). This shift will continue as the market continues its improvement in 2013 and beyond.

With Libor and cost-of-funds interest rates at all-time lows, it may be time to test the waters in the South Florida commercial real estate market. Morris Southeast Group is a leading provider for all of your commercial real estate needs in the Southeast Florida market and has been providing services including owner representation, tenant representation, corporate services, and investment sales.