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First-Time Unemployment Claims See a Rise in South Florida

The latest unemployment figures are in and the news is concerningB for the Miami-Dade county area. First-time unemployment claims are not ringing in the new year on a positive note. The public sector, health and building trades are leading the way for more predictions of gloom and doom.

The squabbling in Washington over the fiscal cliff may have left investors and employers a bit edgy and feeling conservative.

Still, it’s difficult not to feel bullish about the Miami area overall. With a brand new state of the art baseballB stadium and a new season for the Marlins, the area should see a nice rise in economic activity.

With such a vibrant tourist and retirement trade, it is hard to bet against this beautiful locale. Downturns are often the best time to find a bargain, and it can be a smart bet to invest in South Florida commercial real estate.

Buck the trends and lock in the current low prices before the economy recovers. Don’t miss the window of opportunity for low prices. Be sure to check out Morris Southeast’s services for all of your South Florida commercial real estate needs today.

It's a Tenant's Market for Commercial Real Estate in 2013

It’s time to move into new offices to take advantage of current low prices on commercial real estate in the South Florida market. Several comments from real estate professionals in a recent Sun Sentinel article note that the commercial real estate market is beginning to show evidence of a steady awakening from the heavy weights of the recent recession.

The commercial real estate market in South Florida is favoring tenants because there is currently more office space than demand. However, this trend may not last for long. B There has been a lack of new construction in commercial real estate, so as the economy continues to pick up and more businesses seek increased office and retail space, the demand for the current spaces will increase. B Now is a good time to take advantage of the current real estate market before rates begin to increase.

Contact Morris Southeast at 866-930-1426 to get the latest news on these improving trends. We are ready to help you lock in the right price for your new office or commercial real estate investment.

Remember to Account for Growth When Choosing an Office Space

Making a move into new offices requires detailed planning, especially when you’re in the process of finding a new office. One mistake that businesses sometimes make is forgetting to account for growth when searching for an ideal office space. Businesses aspire to expand their client base, but the number of employees you hire will need to grow with it in order to keep up with the increased workload. B If you lease or buy a new office for your current number of employees, you will run into problems as your business expands.

Breaking a lease or purchasing additional locations can be expensive and cut into profits, and yet this is exactly what must happen if space is outgrown too quickly. Office space must accommodate current staff, operation, and inventory needs and also contain additional square footage to have capacity for an increase in these needs.

The additional space need not be extensive, depending on the hiring and operational forecasts of a business. For instance, executive level employees who will be added may require more office space, as do expanding operations extensively. On the other hand, additional clerical staff or contract workers who may work offsite the majority of time may only require minimal space to perform their duties.

TheB Morris Southeast Group can help businesses in South Florida to make wise and cost-effective office space choices that will grow as the business expands. Contact us at 866-930-1426 for more information.


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