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Consider an Office Space Designed for Collaboration

In most businesses, good team synergy is vital to the success of the business as a whole. People at different levels and within different departments need to communicate and work together in order to accomplish your business goals. If you’re having trouble fostering communication between your employees within your business, the problem may not be the people but the actual space where they work every day.

A new trend is emerging in office structure, where social interaction and easy collaboration between employees is becoming paramount. B An office concept designed to capitalize on this trend, called the Sharing Office, utilizes both physical space and state-of-the-art technology to foster the collaborative efforts of the staff.

Some of the particulars of the Sharing Office concept may be technologically out of our reach at the moment, but the concept is easy enough to replicate in your own office. B Open spaces that allow employees to interact with each other and social technology like shared documents, cloud databases, and online chat systems can all help your staff work together efficiently.

As Generation Y accepts more responsibility at your business and Generation D starts to enter the workforce, you canbt underestimate the social aspect of the office. B Morris Southeast Group can help you navigate South Florida commercial real estate to find the ideal office space for encouraging communication and collaboration between your employees. B Contact us at 866-930-1426 for more information.

Improve Employee Productivity by Including Incentives to Take Breaks from the Desk

It’s safe to assume that productive employees increase your company’s overall success. One way to raise the level of performance in your staff is to encourage them to get up and moving throughout the day. It’s not just about physical health; studies show that light exercise yields better mental performance.

The study, conducted by sports scientist Jack Groppel and the Organizations in MOTION program, kept track of 753 employees working at New Balance. Over half the workers attempted to fit more physical activity during their workday. Of those 53 percent, 42 percent reported greater clarity and concentration while working.

If your employees are having trouble concentrating or keeping their momentum going through the day, find ways to keep them moving at various points throughout the work day.B Encourage workers to take the stairs instead of the elevators. Hand out stability balls for employees to sit on instead of chairs. B Make a morning and afternoon walk a part of the office routine.

A good office design can help inspire more breaks from the desk. B A break room with a coffee machine and filtered water encourages employees to take brief walks to refill their cups. B A beautiful office exterior makes taking a walk outside a pleasure. B You can even include an exercise room in your office design, complete with suggested exercise routines that can be done in ten minutes.

If you need to find an office space that will increase your employee productivity in South Florida, contact Morris Southeast Group at 866-930-1426 for more information.

Key Features of a Productive Office Space

If your business is considering making the move into new offices,B finding the right space is essential to your business productivity. As such, there are several important factors to consider if you are planning on making the move into new offices.

  1. Choosing a prime location will benefit your business byB making you more accessible to the publicB and therefore increasing your clientele.B Think of the needs of your business and your target market, this will give you the best idea of your ideal location.
  2. Your office should also be the appropriate size to accommodate your staff. To increase productivity you will want enough space for your staff and clients feel comfortable.
  3. Finally, proper organization will be one of the most importantB roles inB boosting your productivity. A nice clean design can drastically improveB the mood of the office. Also,B a well kept area accompanied by adequate storage will keepB clutter under control andB keep stress atB bay.

Contact Morris Southeast Group today to find out how we can locate the right office space for you in South Florida!

Factors that Create a Poor Work-Life Balance

Creating a poor work-life balance is easy in this age of increased responsibilities and limited hours in which to attend to them. This imbalance is fueled by our views of ourselves and others and how those opinions manifest into unrealistic expectations.

Some of us judge ourselves harshly. We believe we can do everything placed before us in an optimal time with no mistakes. This is a set-up for failure because these expectation are not always achievable, and most of us tend to overestimate how much they can actually accomplish. When we fall short, we then suffer from guilt over our inability to meet our own expectations. This can also lead to a fear of being judged by others, even when there is no judgment present.

On another level, we do judge others, sometimes unjustly. Once we decide no one else can work to our standards, we lose the ability to delegate tasks and end up taking on more work than is achievable. B The quality of both the work and your personal life degenerates as a result if you fall prey to this common problem.

In order to keep your work-life balance healthy, you need to address these problems in both your own mind and in your work space. B Design your office to handle enough employees that no one, including yourself, is forced to take on an unreasonable workload. B Include easily accessible rooms designed for training and meetings, where all of your employees can gather and no one will have trouble seeing your presentation, and make sure your employees receive the training that will give you the confidence in their abilities to handle delegated tasks. B Be sure to include break rooms where you and your employees can step away from the day’s tasks, relax, and gain some perspective.

If you or your employees are suffering from a negative work-life balance, itbs time to make positive changes.B Morris Southeast Group can help you navigate South Florida commercial real estate to find the ideal work space to promote a healthy balance in your life.


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