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Bright Spots for South Florida Commercial Real Estate in 2013

Many South Florida commercial real estate markets are slowly pulling out of the slump caused by the Great Recession. In many areas, the recovery remains slow, though. This makes it an excellent time to be a tenant looking for space.

Landlords are motivated by two factors that work together in your factor. The first is that, as you can see, they’re still contending with a great deal of vacancy in their buildings. At the same time, many of the tenants that they do have are paying lower rents than they did in the past. Because of this, you can expect to get a warm reception from property owners. This is especially true if your company is strong, stable and willing to sign a relatively long term lease.

Time is of the essence, though. The balance of power is beginning to shift in the South Florida commercial real estate market. Since many developers suspended projects, the market is coming off of a few years of light construction with tight inventories. At the same time, tenants are starting to come back to the market. This could lead to higher rents and fewer options for you to consider later in the year.

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Does Your Home-Based Business Need Outside Office Space?

It can be difficult to determine the right time to move your home-based business to a separate office space in South Florida. Moving too soon can result in overhead that is outside of the current cash flow ability.Waiting too long may result in loss of customers or jobs.

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider a separate office space for your small business.

  • You need to meet with clients in person to discuss processes, make deals, show product, or deliver your services. Inviting numerous strangers into your home on a regular basis is a safety concern, and it can come across as unprofessional.
  • You have inventory or equipment you need to store. Keeping items in your home can cause clutter, create a vague line between personal and business resources, and increase risks associated with property loss or damage.
  • Your home is not zoned for the business.
  • Your growing business is interfering with home life through noisy processes, machinery, or other issues.

After you determine the need for an office space outside of your home, you should ensure your business can afford the extra expense.

If everything is in order for an office move, Morris Southeast can work with you to determine business needs and locate the perfect space for your requirements. B Just give us a call at 866-930-1426 for more information!

The Move Into New Offices: Negotiating The Best Deal

Moving into a new office is a process that takes time if you want to get the best space for the best deal. Numerous business owners tend to shop for new office space right before their lease expires. This is not a good practice, as you should not wait until the last minute to begin negotiating with the agent.

When searching for a new office space in advance, you will have a better chance to research the ideal offices that will meet all your companybs requirements, and it will give you more time to negotiate for the best rental fees. You will have sufficient time to meet with a few different landlords as well, which is central if you want to find the best possible office space options.

If you plan to move into new offices soon, you should consider meeting with one of the agents from Morris Southeast, as he or she is certainly able to find an office space that meets your needs. All you should do is call them and arrange an appointment. Tell them exactly what you are looking for and within a few hours, they will find a few office spaces that meet all your requests.

Get in touch with us at Morris Southeast if you’re in the market for efficient, smart commercial real estate.

Cubicles in The Office: Does Your Business Really Need Them?

If you look at the business landscape, youbll probably notice the widespread use of cubicles in the office. The use of cubicles is meant to enhance the privacy of the employees, B allowing them to focus on the task at hand, free from outside distractions. However, does your office actually need cubicles? The following are reasons why you may or may not want cubicles in the office.

  • Cubicles are great if your employees need privacy to get work done. However, if the nature of their work requires that they work together, then cubicles may not be the best idea.
  • How often do your employees come face to face with customers or clients? If your employees often meet with clients or potential clients, a cubicle may not provide enough comfortable space for more than one person.
  • Although cubicles provide great storage space for the individual employee, if you have stored items that need to be accessible to a number of employees, they may not be the best fit.

Keep these factors in mind when deciding on whether or not to provide cubicles to your employees. Although they can be incredibly beneficial to your work environment, they could possibly be detrimental as well.

B If you’re looking for the ideal office space for your business in South Florida, Morris Southeast can help! Just call us at 866-930-1426 for more information.

5 Tips for Returning to the Workforce

As the economy turns around and people begin to return to the workforce there are going to be challenges. Remember these five suggestions when you make these first steps back to work.

1.B To get back to work and be successful you’re going to have to remain focused. Set goals, keep after them, and achieve.

2. Don’t waste time in your day. Be as productive as you can while you’re working so that you don’t waste time.

3.B Short breaks actually improve productivity. So remember that you’re going to need to take a break once in a while.

4.B At the day’s end; whether you have worked all day or have just been on the search for work, you need to be able to have “at home relaxation time” at the end of every day.

5.B Keeping your body up to 100% is the best way to achieve these goals. You’ll be productive and remain focused when you eat well, exercise, and avoid bad behaviors. This is a good piece of advice for life!

Follow these five steps and you’ll be in the mode to succeed. If your own office becomes what’s needed, call onB Morris SoutheastB for all your South Florida office space needs.

Steps To An Environmentally Friendly South Florida Business

Environmentally friendly practices in homes and businesses are becoming a hot trend, and with good reason. B Energy-efficient equipment and eco-friendly standards of operation can save you money in energy bills and lower the environmental impact made by your business in South Florida. B Use the following tips to have a more environmentally friendly business.

A big environmental issue in offices is the amount of paper used. Luckily, the increasing influence of digital copies can help you reduce the amount of paper you use with a couple of changes. B A fax machine, for example, should be upgraded to a digital version so you can view as an email rather than printing out each copy. If you have to print out on paper, try to use both sides.

Do not waste paper but try to reuse anything that normally you would throw away. You could collect any paper that is reusable in an office brecycleb box, and then write notes or office memos on the back. Always use good quality recycled paper.

Do not use paper cups and plates. Use real plates and cutlery, and wash them. This is a much better eating and drinking experience and is also helping the environment.

Change your light bulbs to ones that are less power consuming, and make it a habitB to switch off your lights and electronics at the end of the day, rather than leave electrical appliances on standby.

If you are looking for environmentally friendly business space in the South Florida area, Morris Southeast can you find the office space to satisfy your requirements. Give them a call today to find out more about commercial real estate in the South Florida area.


Lease Commercial Real Estate in South Florida Today For the Best Deal

If you are hoping to lease some new office space in South Florida, now may be the time. South Florida commercial real estate is as dodgy as it’s ever been but more and more recently the customers have taken the upper hand

It’s no secret that the commercial real estate market in South Florida and other places around the nation is still languishing. That’s great news for those in the market for a new place to plop down their business.

It’s been widely reported that mortgages in South Florida have dropped by some 20% over the past several years. This isn’t just a violent reaction to the inflated prices of recent years. This drop is due in part to an economic correction. If you had invested in commercial real estate around the bottom of this correction, you are now better poised than ever to take on your entrepreneurial dreams, whatever those may be.

If you did not take on commercial real estate at these distressed levels, or even if you had, you’re going to need a partner to help navigate the choppy waters. Your home for mortgages or leases, whether you’re looking to buy or lease property, is Morris Southeast.

Startups in South Florida are Making an Impression

Things are heating up in Florida and it isn’t just the weather we are referring to. Startups in South Florida are making quite an impression lately. Miami is buzzing about recent events.

AtB Demo Night,B 65 South Florida registrants participated in a mentoring session, Popup Accelerator, with a SiliconValley venture capitalist. The event was organized by NewME, an intensive 12 week program for startup businesses. Most of the Popup attendees said getting to network with other startups was beneficial.

Last week at The Light Box Theatre in Wynwood, B 38 of these “startup teams” presented their ideas to a capacity crowd. B Teams competed for prizes worth thousands of dollars.

Women’s Success Summit, another two-day seminar was also held recently in Miami. Several hundred women attended this unique event, Miami’s largest business conference for women.

With your startup business up and running you need to think about leasing or buying commerical space. Morris Southeast Group is theB leading provider ofB South Florida commercial real estate services.

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