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Let Morris Southeast Handle Your Tenant Issues in S. Florida

Do you have an empty building that needs tenants but youbre having a hard time attracting potential renters? If youbre staying up late tonight worrying about your commercial property rather than the monster in that horror movie that you watched before bed with a bowl full of candy, then youbre letting yourself worry too much. Instead, you should call us at Morris Southeast Group to talk about owner representation.

At Morris Southeast, we have methods that will help attract the type of tenants that would be ideal for your available space. Having professionals take over your marketing and the handle the prospects that are attracted will give you a lot more time to do the things that you enjoy while still knowing that someone is working on getting someone in that space.

Once you contact us, you might start to regret that Halloween movie a little. We promise not to tell if you have to close your eyes!

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Can Wal-Mart Be a Good Role Model in the Green Movement?

Wal-Mart has received a lot of bad press as far as humanitarian efforts go. In fact, most people would consider it a company that lacks a heart and at one point they may not have been entirely wrong. Lately, Wal-Mart under CEO Lee Scott has started to re-envision what they want their brand to stand for and it isnbt just a matter of the company realizing that there is more to think of than the bottom line. Thatbs because, these days, it pays to be conscientious.

In order to attract the attention of the next generation and in order to cut overhead costs on things like packaging, travelling expenses, and waste disposal, Wal-Mart has been putting a lot of time and attention into going green.

We discussed another green organization and the tips that you could take from them in order to make your company a little more eco-friendly. Wal-Mart is an excellent example of what a company whose concern is first and foremost profit can still accomplish when they add turning green into their business model. Does this make you want to investigate more into green business practices? Go onto our Facebook page let us know what you think. Is sustainability the next must-do for modern day businesses?

Source: Can Going Green Make Wal-Mart Cool?
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5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Commercial Property

When you are looking into buying commercial property, you probably already have a list of things you want. You likely already know whether or not your business will thrive in an area like South Florida and you know what competition will be out there. Youbve probably also been daydreaming about all the things youbll do to set your offices apart from the rest.

There are a few more things to add to your question for what can function as the ideal location:

  • When it comes time to expand your business, does this location give you room to do so?
  • What are the zoning limitations?
  • Is the area going through an economic boom? Will there an increase in people moving into the area?
  • Is the location youbve chosen highly trafficked?
  • Will you have a problem with deferred maintenance?

It is just as important to know which questions you should be asking as it is to make sure you know what needs your business is going to have that is specific to you. Once you find the location that answers most of your questions satisfactorily, you should be in a good place to put in an offer.

Source: Should You Rent or Buy Commercial Property for Your Business?
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Consider Vacancies & Absorption Rates When Looking at Commercial Real Estate

When youbre looking to choose a commercial real estate property in the South Florida area, especially in the Miami-Dade vicinity, it is important to make sure that you have done your homework on the property first. Let us help you find just the right location for your businessbs needs! There are a lot of issues that you are going to want to consider as you are looking for the right spot. One of those is the vacancy or absorption rate of a potential location. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Study up on the place. Look through the last few years for that particular area and see what the absorption rate is.
  • If the building you are looking at has current tenants, you are going to want to see when their leases come up.
  • Even if the return on your investment is good initially, a change in the leases could bring unexpected change.

Give us a call today at Morris Southeast Group and let us help you find the right place for you and the needs of your business. It helps to have an expert in the field on your side.

Source: Buying Commercial Real Estate Can Be a Secure Investment
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Get Tenant Representation in Florida from Morris Southeast

We do more than just offer locations where businesses can rent space. At Morris Southeast Group, we also offer tenant representation. Part of our superior services includes taking the time to really get to know your company and needs in a rental space. Once we understand your commercial realty needs, we can help you find the most desirable location in the southern Florida area.

Youbll have the advantage of our comprehensive market research, lease negotiation, competitive analysis, and build-out supervision. Youbll appreciate having trained professionals in charge of renewing your lease, negotiating terms of your lease, and especially when looking for a new space. Let us help you focus on your business and not all these little details!

Our Florida Tenant Representation services are sure to save you time as well as money in the long run. Give us a call at (866) 930-1426 today to learn more about it.

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3 Tips for Buying Commercial Real Estate in Florida

When youbre looking for commercial property to buy or rent in the South Florida area, Make sure you have a plan before you start looking. You will want to know how much you can pay, how many other tenants are involved, and how much space youbll need.

  • Make sure you know a good deal when you see one.
  • Make sure you are looking for someone who is a motivated seller! It will make it more likely that youbll have a better chance to get a good deal from someone who really wants to sell.
  • Once you have everything together, give us a call at Morris Southeast Group at (866) 930-1426 today.

    Source: 7 Steps to a Hot Commercial Real Estate Deal
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    Owner Ken Morris Presents the Thomas B. Hayes Award


    The Thomas B. Hayes Award is given annually to the professional in the CORFAC family that not only shows that they can use technology in innovative and interesting ways but also the professional that shares their knowledge with their colleague. We view these professionals as role models and webre glad that Murbach, who is the COO/CFO of TRI Commercial/CORFAC International located in San Francisco, is part of the CORFAC family.

    People like Murbach and all the past recipients of the Hayes Award are a reminder to us all about the value of always learning in the workplace as well as helping your colleagues learn with you. Do you have a good example of how you or someone else has shared technological advances that have made it easier to catch on? If so, share it with us below or on our Facebook page!

    Source & Photo Credit: Ken Morris, SIOR (L) Presents Thomas B. Hayes Award to Drew Murbach (R) at CORFAC Internationalbs Fall Summit in Boston, MA.B


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