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Small & Large Businesses Should be on Twitter, Check Out Ours!

About a month ago, we reminded you that we are on Facebook. Businesses moving into the social media world isn’t out of the question these days. In fact, you can find anything from television shows that include interactive apps or YouTube videos to the fans to large companies that offer discounts or part of their rich history to their fans. You can also find us on one other very important social media site: Twitter. It had gained a lot of attention from social media fans long before it started being a platform to host revolutions, but it has always been a powerful tool if you know how to use it.

Keep updated on what we’re doing at Morris Southeast Group by following us on Twitter! We think you’ll enjoy the opportunity to read and share our tips and trend insights as well as just enjoy Twitter as a whole if you haven’t been on there yet. It is quickly becoming a must for all businesses large or small.

Photo Credit: Steve Garfield on flickr.com

The Miami Tower Takes Steps Toward LEED Certification

We were just talking about learning more about being green in business by looking at companies like Whole Foods Market. While they are an excellent example, they arenbt the only one out there. In fact, you donbt even have to look hard, especially if you commute in, out, or around Miami on a regular basis, to find one very iconic example of green practices at their best.

In Downtown Miami, the Miami Tower is implementing a new lighting system that will put it closer to reaching LEED certification. Using a modern approach to lighting, it will reduce the energy used to light the building by 92% and the tents will save approximately $260,000 per year in operating costs. This has more than just environmental or financial advantages. With LED lighting, tenants will even be able to program light shows in their office with a push of the button. Happy hour disco party, anyone?

Read more about the Miami Tower getting New Lighting at GlobeSt.com and then come back and let us know what you think!

Source & Photo Credit: Miami Tower Gets New LED Lighting on Path to LEEDB

Fort Lauderdale Airport Expansion Good for South Florida Commercial Real Estate

It was recently announced that the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport will be expanding its international terminal starting in October 2012. B This $450 million project will add 4 new gates, restaurants, shops, and restrooms to the airport and is expected to be completed by 2018.

What does this mean for the South Florida commercial real estate market? B Well, for one, the goal of the expansion is to drive more international traffic and business to South Florida, therefore helping to increase occupancy and demand for our commercial real estate. B A major goal of this project is to increase the number of international airlines that fly in and out of Fort Lauderdale, which will positively impact the commercial real estate within close proximity to the airport as businesses will need to service these additional carriers.

For more information about the current South Florida commercial real estate trends and how the expansion of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport will make an impact, contact the experts at Morris Southeast Group.


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3 Green Business Tips You Can Borrow from Whole Foods Markets

These days, it is important to try to work in green business practices when youbre starting a new business or trying to reinvigorate a current one. Consumers are putting a lot of value into businesses that show that they care about the planet and their communities enough to take steps to better both of them. If you are thinking of starting to lean into sustainable practices, Whole Foods Market is an excellent example of a business that is putting a lot of energy and effort into reducing their carbon footprint.

Here are just a few ways that any business can borrow tips from Whole Foods:

  • Technology like power monitors can help you reduce the amount of energy that is wasted in your office space.
  • Set up a system that will help your employees set up a carpool or support the use of public transportation.
  • Recycle and use recycled paper with a high percentage of post-consumer waste.

Whole Foods also does a lot to invest in alternative energy sources and provide information to the public about how they are trying to do as little harm as possible while running their business. Does your South Florida area business already do some of these things? Join us on Facebook and let us know some of the innovative ways you are turning your company green!

Source & Photo Credit: Whole Foods Market


Space Exploration Makes Jobs in Southern Florida Out of This World

Jobs are big in the news right now and the state of the job market is high on everyonebs list of concerns and worries. When NASA shut down their space shuttle program, people were worried that it meant that southern Florida was going to take a big hit in unemployment because of the fact that the Kennedy Space Center had to cut their employment by half.

Since August, though, there have been significant amounts of money coming in through investments and job, particularly with companies like Boeing, Embraer, Space X, and Lockheed Martin. At Morris Southeast Group, webre excited to be working in a part of the country that can still consider itself both highly skilled and business friendly.

If youbre looking to be the next technology start-up or involved in anything pertaining to space, this is the area where you should plan on putting down roots. Contact us soon so that we can help you find the right space to fit your needs for commercial real estate!

Source: Need A Good Jobs Story? Try Floridabs Space Coast
Photo Credit: gilderm on stock.xchng

How to Decorate Your Office Space for the Upcoming Fall Season

Decorating your office space for the fall season, especially when you work in the southern Florida area, can be what makes or breaks the feeling of the holidays for you. While we love the weather in Florida and how warm it stays through most of the year, we would be at a loss if not for some go-to basics that keep our work desks looking colorful and festive. You donbt have to choose a specific holiday to celebrate for, because miniature pumpkins and plastic colored leaves like the kind that you can find at your local crafts store can be combined to make really beautiful window decorations:

If you donbt have window space to put up your arrangement, it can also easily be used as a desk dC)cor. We think youbll enjoy bringing a little of the seasons into your business space! However, if youbre like many promising new businesses in and around the Miami-Dade area, you may still be looking for the right commercial real estate space to rent or own. That is where Morris Southeast Group can really leave you thankful for the upcoming year. Call us today for more information!

Source & Photo Credit: Easy Fall DC)cor for Your Home & Entertaining Throughout the Season

Commercial Real Estate in South Florida Gets a New Papa – Donald Trump

As we all know, Donald Trump is the king of all kings when it comes not only to money and shows like The Apprentice, but he is also one of the major players when it comes to commercial real estate acquisitions.B What’s up next for Trump? Miami’s Doral Hotel & Country Club.

For $150 million – a nice chunk of change, wouldn’t you say? – Trump acquired his second hotel this year alone.B The announcement was made in February, along with plans for the Trump Hotel Collection’s plans to develop Washington, DC’s The Old Post Office, which is slated for a 2016 opening.

As for the Doral Hotel, the Trump Organization is planning a multi-million-dollar renovation to restore it to the sparkle of the hotel in its prime.B The restoration will conclude in late 2013, but the hotel will be fully functional during the restoration.B You can expect a completely new tone at the main building, conference areas, spa, lodges, spa and Champions Pavillion.B Even more renovating will take place at the golf courses (including the driving range), Members’ Clubhouse , etc.

What does this mean for those of us who live in South Florida? It makes the area even more valuable and an even more exciting place to live, which indicates that the next year will be the perfect time to snatch up a space.B There are plenty on the market right now, and the Morris Southeast Group stands ready to show it all to you, including the currently featuredB Bank of America Plaza in Plantation, office space in Fort Lauderdale and a bunch of properties in Pembroke Pines.

Keep in touch with the Morris Southeast Group – South Florida’s choice for commercial real estate services – for updated information on available entities.B We look forward to helping you find your new property.B Give us a call at 866-930-1426 for more information and guidance.

Want to Know More About Available Rental Space in Miami-Dade?

Are you considering moving your business or opening your new start up in Miami Dade County? If so, then you are probably browsing around and looking for some information about what is the most popular kind of space in the area.. You also want to know that you arenbt going to be overpaying with your rental fees, so it is important to check into that before you make a commitment to a space and know what kind of areas you might be able to negotiate a little more in.

Here are our figures for the Miami-Dade County area when it comes to commercial property:

Class A

  • Office market size:B 25,452,539
  • Rental Rate:B $35.66
  • Vacancy Factor:B 23%

Class B

  • Office market size:B 46,338,843
  • Rental Rate:B $25.86
  • Vacancy Factor:B 17%

Class C

  • Office market size:B 30,339,807
  • Rental Rate:B $22.23
  • Vacancy Factor:B 7%

Industrial Market

  • Total market size:B 233,414,491
  • Rental Rate:B $7.73
  • Vacancy Factor:B 13%

As you can see, Class A space has a higher rental rate but a higher vacancy factor as well so there could always be room to negotiate better terms for your companybs rental agreement. If you want to see some of the locations we have available to look at in this area, give as a call today at Morris Southeast Group!

Source: South Florida Market Data
Photo Credit: robertovm on stock.xchng



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