As information technology continues to develop the business world is seeing theB rise of new office technology trends. Keeping these trends in mind and findingB ways to make them work for you will give you an edge in your business.

Smartphones are rapidly shouldering aside the traditional cellular phone, leadingB to a significant decrease in the prevalence of traditional cell phones in business.B This is due to the dramatically greater functionality of smartphones, including aB number of useful business applications. For instance, cloud-based printing allowsB a user to connect to a printer from a smartphone or tablet computer via theB Internet, enabling the user to manage important printing jobs such as adjustingB brochures, customizing business cards, or completing documents, while on theB road.

A smartphone can make you safer on the road, as well as more productive. InB addition to the GPS apps that many people already use, newer apps such asB iOnRoad expand the smartphone’s versatility in your vehicle, using the cameraB as a collision avoidance tool to keep you safer on the way to view a property.

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