Are you considering investing in commercial real estate, or questioning whether now is a good time to further invest in commercial property?

A few excellent reasons for investing now include the current reduced value of commercial properties, low competition for available properties and the high probability for a healthy return on your investment. The initial low investment cost paired with the long term value of the property nearly promises a good return on the investment.

The variety of financing options is also a reason for investing in commercial real estate today. Several of themB can make it easier and less time-consuming to complete a transaction in todaybs market.

An industry analyst stated that, bwhile the residential real estate market has been in a slump for quite some time now, the commercial real estate market continues to thrive for a number of reasons. Real estate has always been, and still is a great long-term investment.b

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Are you thinking about moving your business to a new commercial space? If so then you know that relocating your office can be an exciting but challenging proposition, which is why you should keep these important tips in mind when searching for the right location.

  • Is there adequate secure parking for both employees and customers? Is the building in a safe location and what type of security is provided? And donbt forget about fire protection. Make sure to inquire about sprinkler systems and fire exits.
  • Consider the surrounding businesses.B Are restaurants convenient for your employees to walk to during their lunch hour? Also, donbt discount the availability of shops such as dry cleaners, department stores and personal care services in keeping employees happy.
  • Sufficient space is important but you donbt want to waste money by over leasing. This handy chart provides realistic square footage requirements.
  • Finally, if possible donbt sign a long-term lease. Nothing is worse than discovering the space just isn’t suitable and you are locked into a 5 year contract.

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The holidays are here and before you set out to celebrate with your friends and family the staff here at

Is your currently business in the position to expand to a bigger space and you’ve found yourself plagued with the question of whether you should rent or buy? To help you decide whether buying a commercial space is best for your business we are going to share a few questions for you to ask yourself.

  • Will the building help or hinder your growth? Look at how fast your company is growing; you donbt want to be limited to a small space if your company is growing fast, or if it is gradually growing you may prefer to take over B neighboring leases.
  • Can you pay the mortgage? Calculate whether your monthly costs would rise if you took on a mortgage.
  • How much control do you need? If you need to make drastic changes over the years purchasing would be your best option being that most landlords will not allow such alterations.
  • Are write-offs be possible? If your business is profitable, Property ownership can lessen tax burdens for profitable businesses.You may be able to write off some of the building’s cost each year in the form of depreciation. Buying the building personally renting to your company through an ownership structure also offers tax advantages.
  • Do you want to be a landlord? If you purchase a building with other tenants youbll have to deal with from building improvements to rent increases. If you donbt have the time or the managerial skills, but you love the property you may want to consider hiring a property manager.
  • What is its potential as an investment? Remember that property ownership is an investment so remember to consider whether itbs in a thriving area or not and price. (Inspecting the World)

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Earlier this year we shared news on the increased amount of businesses allowing employees to telecommute and work from home, and workplace is changing once again. Now instead of staying at home to work entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent professionals are moving towards using coworking spaces in the future.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, a coworking environment is an informal, communal space in which various employees work independently. They are ideal for those who enjoy the energy of a traditional office space with the option of being able to collaborate with others. As an alternative for many professionals who travel frequently, prefer not to work in isolation or overcrowded cafes coworking spaces also provide motivation that seems to be missing from the usual telecommuting settings.

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In addition to being the home of the largest city in the United States New York is also the highest U.S. commercial real estate market. According to a report compiled by the Building Owners and Managers Association New York had a total rental income of $48.27 per square foot in 2010. The figure was reached byB looking at nearly 940 million square feet of commercial office space in more than 6,500 buildings in 278 different markets.

They city also has the most expensive operating and fixed expenses in the country at $21.44 per square foot. The reports states that operating expenses include repairs, maintenance and utilities while fixed expenses is a roundup of property and real estate taxes as well as insurance.

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Commercial real estate markets all over the country have been mostly flat throughout the year, but even so the National Association of RealtorsB. expects that there will be a positive trend in 2012 due to improving fundamentals which include modest economic growth and job creation.

In their latest publication of Commercial Real Estate Outlook the National Association of Realtors projected that…

  • In the office markets
    • Vacancy rates in the office sector are expected to fall to 16.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012.
    • Net absorption of office space in the U.S. will be 31.7 million in 2012.
  • In the industrial markets
    • Industrial vacancy rates are will to decline to 11.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012.
    • Net absorption of industrial space nationally will be 41.2 million in 2012.
  • In retail markets
    • Retail vacancy rates are likely to decline to 11.8 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012.
    • Net absorption of retail space will be 13.5 million in 2012. (MSNBC)

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No one in South Florida will be running out of ideas on where to have lunch or dinner anytime soon. Why is that you ask? Because the South Florida restaurant scene is thriving with new openings every week. Pastrami Queen in Boca Raton recently reopened as Zinger’s Delicatessen and tomorrow Philippe by Philippe Chow will open the doors to its new location on Ocean Drive. Soon to follow will be the opening ofB The Lucky Clover Irish Pub in the Axis on Brickell building on Monday,B Mare Nostrum the week after, Crave and then Vapiano.

Just as these new restaurants are popping up all over the South Florida scene so can yours with the help of Morris Southeast Group’s Florida Tenant Representation services. We pride ourselves on superior service when seeking out the most desirable locations by providing a comprehensive program including market research, competitive analysis, lease negotiation and build-out supervision.B If you would like to find a commercial space to expand your restaurant to in South Florida call 866-930-1426 and let Morris Southeast Group represent you!

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