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Our commercial real estate services include:

  • Owner Representation– Rely on us to represent your building(s) for sale and for lease.
  • Tenant Representation– When looking for office, retail or industrial space, turn to us for superior service.
  • Corporate Services- If your company has multiple locations Morris Southeast Group will offer comprehensive services to manage all of your real estate needs.
  • Investment Sales- As a trusted source in investment sales we specialize in helping investors buy or sell commercial real estate.

If you would like to further discuss how Morris Southeast Group can help serve you give us a call at 866-930-1426 if you are in the South Florida area, or if you are looking to relocate your business to this area.

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Thanksgiving is finally upon us and before you begin to gather with friends and family everyone at Morris Southeast Group would like to take the time to thank you, our readers. We appreciate you visiting our blog to find out the latest in South Florida commercial real estate news, marketplace and occupancy trends, the changing workplace, as well as to see what we’ve been up to. We hope you enjoy this time and we look forward to bringing you much more on news on commercial real estate!

How to Find Your Work-Life Balance: At Home

Last week we began our two part-series on how to achieve an effective balance between your home and work life by discussing tips on what to do at work. This week will we wrap up the series with tips on what you can do at home to help balance your life.

  • Turn off your tablet.B The same technology that makes it so easy for workers to do their jobs flexibly can also burn us out if we use them 24/7. By all means, make yourself availablebespecially if youbve earned the right to bflexb your hoursbbut recognize the need for personal time, too.
  • Divide and conquer.B Make sure responsibilities at home are evenly distributed and clearly outlinedbyoubll avoid confusion and problems later.
  • Don’t over commit.B Do you feel stressed when you just glance at your calendar? If youbre overscheduled with activities, learn to say,b no.b Shed the superman/superwoman urge!
  • Get support.B Chatting with friends and family can be important to your success at homebor at workband can even improve your health. People with stronger support systems have more aggressive immune responses to illnesses than those who lack such support.
  • Take advantage of your companybs Employee Assistance Program (EAP).B Many organizations offer resources through an EAP, which can save you precious time by providing guidance on issues like where to find a daycare center and caretaking for an elderly parent, as well as referrals to mental health and other services.
  • Stay active.B Aside from its well-known physical benefits, regular exercise reduces stress, depression and anxiety, and enables people to better cope with adversity, according to
    researchers. Itbll also boost your immune system and keep you out of the doctorbs office. Make time in your schedule for the gym or to take a walk during lunchband have some fun!
  • Treat your body right.B Being in good shape physically increases your tolerance to stress and reduces sick days. Eat right, exercise and get adequate rest. Donbt rely on drugs, alcohol or cigarettes to cope with stress; theybll only lead to more problems.
  • Get help if you need it.B Donbt let stress stand in the way of your health and happiness. If you are persistently overwhelmed, it may be time to seek help from a mental health professional. Asking for help is not a sign of weaknessbtaking care of yourself is a sign of strength.B (B) copyright Mental Health America)
Do you have any tips on how you keep things balanced at home? Share them with us!
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How to Find Your Work-Life Balance: At Work


Do you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed from the rush of getting everything done at work and at home? If so you may not have a good work-life balance which can cause stress and result in a lack of productivity and concentration, a weakened immune system, irritability and even depression.

Since a great deal of people struggle with both their work load at home and at work we are going to share a two-part series on how to find balance at work and at home.B If you think your work-life balance is currently not where it should be consider these tipsB fromB Mental Health AmericaB on how to get it on track when at work :

  • Set manageable goals each day.B Being able to meet priorities helps us feel a sense of accomplishment and control. The latest research shows that the more control we have over our work, the less stressed we get. So be realistic about workloads and deadlines. Make a bto dob list, and take care of important tasks first and eliminate unessential ones. Ask for help when necessary.
  • Be efficient with your time at work.B When we procrastinate, the task often grows in our minds until it seems insurmountable. So when you face a big project at work or home, start by dividing it into smaller tasks. Complete the first one before moving on to the next. Give yourself small rewards upon each completion, whether itbs a five minute break or a walk to the coffee shop. If you feel overwhelmed by routines that seem unnecessary, tell your boss. The less time you spend doing busy work or procrastinating, the more time you can spend productively, or with friends or family.
  • Ask for flexibility. Flex time and telecommuting are quickly becoming established as necessities in todaybs business world, and many companies are drafting work/life policies.
    If you ask, they might allow you to work flexible hours or from home a day a week. Research shows that employees who work flexible schedules are more productive and loyal to their employers.
  • Take five. Taking a break at work isnbt only acceptable, itbs often encouraged by many employers. Small breaks at workbor on any projectbwill help clear your head, and improve your ability to deal with stress and make good decisions when you jump back into the grind.
  • Tune in.B Listen to your favorite music at work to foster concentration, reduce stress and anxiety, and stimulate creativity. Studies dating back more than 30 years show the benefits of music in everyday life, including lowered blood pressure. Be sure to wear headphones on the job, and then pump up the volumeband your productivity.
  • Communicate effectively.B Be honest with colleagues or your boss when you feel youbre in a bind. Chances are, youbre not alone. But donbt just complainbsuggest practical alternatives. Looking at a situation from someone elsebs viewpoint can also reduce your stress. In a tense situation, either rethink your strategy or stand your ground, calmly and rationally. Make allowances for other opinions, and compromise. Retreat before you lose control, and allow time for all involved to cool off. Youbll be better equipped to handle the problem constructively later.
  • Give yourself a break. No onebs perfect! Allow yourself to be human and just do the best you can.B (B) copyright Mental Health America)
Do you have any tips on how you keep things balanced at work? Share them with us!

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Design Your Office Space Around Productivity

Have you ever consistently worked in a setting that was dull, plain and uninspiring, as well as one that was the exact opposite? If so, did you notice a difference in your workmanship? Chances are you probably weren’t able to be as productive in the plain space as the one that featured design. Research has shown that employee satisfaction and production increases in environments that are aesthetically pleasing, so it is important to design your office space with the notion of being productive.

When it comes to the factors that affect the various levels or productivity the four keys of design include: comfort, access, privacy, and flexibility. The most effective design will bring each of the elements together to help maximize productivity among your employees.

If you need assistance finding the right office space for your business in South Florida visit the Morris Southeast Group website or give us a call at 866-903-1426.

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3 Lease Renewals Completed at Bank of America Plaza

Morris Southeast Group would like to announce that our very own Ken Morris has completed three lease renewals at the Bank of America Plaza located at 1776 N. Pine Island Road in Plantation, FL. The plaza is a three-story building of 85,000 square feet that is 92 percent occupied. Many professional services firms with office space requirements prefer it due to its close location to the heart of Plantation and I-95, I-75, Sawgrass Expressway and the Florida Turnpike.

In each of the transactions that took place Morris represented 1776 Associates, LTD, the builder owner and the leasing assignments are as follows:

  • The accounting firm Koutoulas & Relis LLC renewed its lease for 60 months for 1,505 rentable square feet on the 3rd floor.
  • The temporary staffing firm Kelly Services extended its lease for another 48 months for 1,768 rental square feet on the ground floor.
  • Accounting firm Rodriguez, Kinzbrunner & Company, LLP leased 2285 square feet in a 60-month renewal on the 2nd floor of the building.

To inquire about open office space in the Bank of America Plaza contact Morris Southeast Group at 866-930-1426.

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Gateway Center Set to Receive New Life

Do you remember what used to be of the Gateway Center in Doral? In a few months the mixed-use center which has been empty for the last five years will receive brand new life.

It currently has about 70,000 square feet of office space, but after the demolition of the front half to revive it the building will be able to include 24,000 square feet of retail and restaurants, and it was also have redesigned office spaces. The rebirth comes after years of planning and setbacks as a result of the tough economy.

Doral has been long known as an area full of industrial and warehouse products, but things are set to change. Along with the revival of the Gateway Center as retail and restaurant space other constructions sites nearby have plans to erect in the same fashion.

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Source: South Florida Business Journal

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Midtown Miami May Receive New Wal-Mart

Can you picture a Wal-Mart mixed in with the cutting-edge vibe of midtown Miami? If things go as planned the big box chain will make its home on five acres south of The Shops at Midtown Miami, but not everyone is happy about it.

Many people who frequent the area have mixed views of Wal-Mart possibly coming to the mixed-use area. Some feel as though the giant retailers will have a negative impact on the smaller businesses, while others believe that local small business owners won’t be affected anymore than they would when the Target was added. It would actually bring more jobs to the area as well as cheaper goods and traffic that all of the businesses can benefit from.

So what do you think about the idea of Wal-Mart coming to midtown Miami? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Source: South Florida Business Journal

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